One of the things we love about coaching and mentoring is that there is always something more to learn and new ways to take that learning into our work. We recently hosted Andrew Shaffer, MCC on the Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged series. We believe that his session demonstrated a truly masterful level of coaching.

It is our pleasure to share this recording with you as a resource for your learning and development.

Some of the skills we noticed when listening to this session are:

Establishes and Maintains Agreements: Often coaches struggle with setting a clear agreement without having it sound formulaic or mechanical. Notice how the agreement is woven through the session in a way that invites clarity without feeling like a checklist.

Cultivates Trust and Safety: At times a coach may feel uncomfortable with inviting a client to explore their feelings. But as we know, feelings are often integral to a coaching conversation. This coach demonstrated his ability to engage with his client around emotions with ease and respect.

Maintains Presence: One of most powerful tools we have as coaches is the ability to allow space for silence, pause and reflection. In this session, this tool was used to allow his client time to think and to explore his learning.

Listens Actively: ‘Listening deeply to a client’ shows up in a number of ways including; reflection, questioning and utilization of client language including metaphor. The coach effectively builds on his client’s metaphor at various points in this session.

Evokes Awareness: Through the questioning, the client was invited to focus on his experience in the moment. An example of this was the question; “What are you recognizing?”

It is a privilege to listen to high level coaching and we hope you will enjoy this wonderful recording.


Sheri and Jamee

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