In this time of looking ahead, we thought we’d invite you to glance over your shoulder to see what you might glean from last year to help inform your vision for 2019. After all, you’re standing on the foundation that you lovingly set into place over the past 12 months.

How about taking a breath and acknowledging all that went well in the past year and how you would like to bring that forward into the New Year… using all your hard work from before to benefit you moving forward.

Here are some questions to help you reflect on these areas:


What personal relationships did you develop last year? What connections did you make? What touched your heart?


Where did you grow as a professional? How did your efforts pay off? What risks did you take?


What wins did you experience last year? What habits were you able to either break or develop? How well did you take care of yourself, in all ways?

Taking a look at your answers, what do you see you can build upon as you continue to grow your life, your work and you? How can you appreciate all you have achieved?

We’d love to hear what you noticed by doing this exercise. Please feel free to reply to this post and share with us!

All our very best,

Sheri and Jamee

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