Have you ever felt that although you have spent years learning and honing your craft and expertise as a coach that you really know very little at all?

We all face this challenge and question at one time or another. It can result in a crisis of confidence, a reevaluation of our work, and a sense of being slightly off balance or going in circles.

Good news: this is exactly where we need to be!

Lately we’ve been noticing this sense of questioning the depth of our abilities and finding ourselves feeling a little off our game. And so we began to look at what’s going on and where those feelings are coming from.

We found something interesting in our exploration. We noticed that this happens when we are challenging ourselves to learn something new. And it just so happens, that one new learning challenge we’ve undertaken since last September is to become certified as Coach Supervisors.

After years of being coach trainers and mentors, now to be in the role of learner invites us to ‘not know’ or be the expert.

When we decide we want to grow and learn something new, it can illuminate our doubts and areas of incompetence and fuel a crisis of our old confidence. Boy, does that gap show up!

Where have you experienced the gap or challenges to your confidence? How can you support yourselves during those times to remember that it’s all part of the learning journey?

You may feel like you’re going in circles, but if you look a bit further, you’ll see that you’re actually at a higher level of learning as you continue along your path. You will soon be back to your competent and confident self.

Thanks for being a part of this community as your journey continues.

Sheri and Jamee

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