it may be time to look for some choppy seas.

You’ve been doing this awhile – coaching that is. You’re feeling some expertise and though there are minor hiccups here and there, your work is basically sailing along.   You feel you know what you’re doing when you coach your clients, and you get lots of positive feedback.

It would be weird to wish for some heavy winds in such a calm sea… or would it? Sometimes it’s those winds that move us forward even though they put us in a vulnerable situation.

Recently, we took on a big challenge when we became certified as Coach Supervisors. Believe us, we started from a pretty low-key sail on smooth waters to charting an exciting new course. This invited us to navigate on the fly and use some new tools in front of trusted colleagues. We knew that even when navigating rough currents, we had to find a way to accept the new learning curve and the waters weren’t going to flatten out immediately. And even now, as the waters are getting a bit calmer, we still have to keep the map handy as we keep evolving and growing into this new role.

What an incredible ride! We not only learned a new skill but we were also reminded of the value of risking something in order to gain something new. We had to risk being tossed overboard to learn that we’re able to stay on the boat and get to our destination.

When things are going well – when we can relax into our expertise and enjoy letting the wind gently move us forward, we should take advantage of that. But the time comes when a new choice can be made – to chart a new course and watch ourselves masterfully bring the boat to shore.

What is your next challenge that might set you asail on a choppy sea?

What is that opportunity that both makes your heart leap and your stomach churn?

How did you choose your last big learning curve?

What is the question you would like to ask yourself that might lead to a new voyage?

We’d love to hear from you about your next adventure… in the meantime, ships ahoy!

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