You may have a personal question about a relationship that is meaningful to you,

or maybe a philosophical question about your life’s path, 

or a question about where you are going as a coach and how you would like to grow this year.

One thing we know as coaches and coach trainers, is that each of us has our own answers. 

And if you are able to ask yourself a powerful question, one that requires you to dig deep for an answer, then the answers you receive will be coming from your core set of values, beliefs, and desires.

So, it’s really about asking a more meaningful question, to get to a more meaningful answer.

How do you get to that powerful question? 

Ask yourself your question, and then go further and ask yourself what is underneath this? What’s the next and deeper question?

For example, you might ask yourself, “If I had this, what would it really do for me? And why does that matter?”

What are some of your questions for 2018?
Is there a new focus in your personal or professional life?
Do you see a growth opportunity that you would like to take advantage of?
What is calling you?

If you’re interested in growing as a coach this year, we’re here with you, and here are the offerings we have for you:

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