There is so much “help” out there for us as we navigate the current health crisis. People are inviting us to reframe what’s happening as an opportunity to be with family, learn a new a language, or to begin that meditation practice we’ve been planning for the past decade.

We are told to reach out to people we haven’t talked with for a long time, to embrace solitude, to sleep till noon, keep a regular schedule, or start doing jigsaw puzzles in our sweatpants.

What we have noticed in our own lives is that while these are all wonderful ideas and options, they may not work for us day in and day out. Every day is completely different for each of us and the people we are sharing this time with, the members of our household. So, there’s not just one overarching idea that makes sense across the board.

For us, we are realizing more and more that it’s about each moment and taking the time to ask ourselves “What feels right for me right now?”

And maybe this is the ultimate lesson and opportunity for practice going forward. This may be about adopting a new way of being. It’s about staying in the moment.   Here’s a chance to actually do what we have been talking about as coaches – strengthening our presence. Maybe this is the opportunity? What if we could throw out the desire to create a plan and try on a moment by moment mindset where many of the old rules have gone out the window?

What might this look like in your life? What do you really need right now?

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Image credit – John Hain