When focus wanes and random thoughts tend to take over, what’s really happening?  Or, what is wanting to happen?  There are days when you may notice that you daydream more or get easily distracted. Rather than seeing this as a problem, how about looking at it as a sign?

When this happens, you may find that you have a tendency to push harder or go more into overdrive.  Have you ever paused to take note of the choices you may have in those moments? How might you approach this shift from the normal “charge ahead and get lots done” mode?

An option may be to slow down and invite and accept what might be present.

Maybe it’s a break or rest that’s being called for…or maybe something new is brewing and wants to emerge?

As coaches, we utilize questioning to support awareness.  What if you asked yourself these questions in that pause when you are considering your choices?

What’s important to me right now?  

Go deeper – what’s really important to me about this right now?

What do I really want?

Go deeper – what do I really want?

What’s coming into my awareness right now?

Notice where the questions leave you in terms of how you want to take the awareness forward.  What may be emerging is a desire to jump back into “go-go” mode or perhaps something new is there.

The goal isn’t to step completely out of your to-do list or ignore your obligations.  The invitation is to make a choice using these questions or others as a tool for learning.

If your focus stayed true to this point and you’re still with us, why not take a moment right now to check in with yourself? Let us know your thoughts and what you notice!

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