You know what a powerful tool acknowledgement is in the coaching process.

You’ve seen your children light up when you acknowledge them for something they already feel good about.

You’ve experienced the joy of being acknowledged by someone whose opinion matters to you.

But when is the last time you acknowledged you?

We believe that great coaching begins with self-mastery and coaches are naturally inclined to develop self-mastery in many ways.   But where does self-mastery begin?   An argument could be made that self-mastery begins with self-awareness – all well and good but how do we begin to be self-aware?

And how do we turn self-mastery and self-awareness into something we can enjoy along with a good cup of coffee in the morning?  Can we be our own Yoda, peppering our thoughts with pithy reminders so that we stay on the path (the pithy, peppered path) of self-mastery and self-awareness?

After all, we’re not sitting on the mountain top – we are right here in the busyness of our real lives in this very real world.

dreamstime_s_9905502debra-hughes-dreamstime-com-imperfectionPerhaps self-acknowledgement is a start?  Just as you express gratitude to those around you, how about a simple thank you for all that you do each day?  You might give yourself a pat on the back for the way you care for yourself and others.  Or you could give yourself a hug for your grace and compassion under pressure.

Did you exercise your body today?  Thank you!

Did you take yourself out for a nice meal?  Gracias!

Did you stand up for yourself?  Arigato!

What if you spent a moment in each day focusing on looking for where you met the mark, exceeded expectations or sorted out a challenge to everyone’s satisfaction?

It’s easy to get side-tracked and distracted.  And it is easy to think that self-acknowledgement is the least important form of acknowledgement.

But what good are we to the people we support, if we allow ourselves to be depleted?

So take a minute, or if that feels like too much – take 10 seconds and give yourself a thank you.

May the force be with you!