It feels like we’re in the home stretch of running a marathon.  We can see the Finish Line and it looks exciting – there’s a promise of great achievement.  But the race has been a long one and we’re exhausted.  Mentally we’re tired too; we know we lost many runners along the way who won’t be making it to the finish line.

While we desperately want to step over that line and celebrate that we made it, we recognize there will be a recovery period.  We need to replenish our minds and bodies before we’re ready for the next race.

As much as we’ve looked forward to the end, we’re dragging our heels a bit.  What kind of rest to we need right now to prepare to put this marathon behind us?

The recovery period after any intense effort is a key part of the process.  Can we allow ourselves to be in that gap between running full out and getting back to day to day life? It won’t be necessarily ‘normal’ because, after all, at this point we are forever changed

So, after you reach the finish line, how much time will you take to replenish and rebuild as you move back into the routines of life? For us, this is a time of recovery.  There is relief but there is also a bit of anxiety about getting back to life too quickly.  We want to honor what we’ve learned.

There’s so much hope on the horizon and many possibilities. For many reasons it seems like a new beginning; new decade, new president, new vaccine and new world. We also have a new understanding and awareness of some things that have been long entrenched. This feels like an opening. But to fully step into that opening, we need to hydrate, bandage blisters, massage the weary muscles and take a long hot bath.

What do we need now; what do we want to be thinking about, and what questions do we want to ask? Who are we as coaches – what is our role and responsibility – what is our place as this unfolds?

We want to honor what we’ve learned and keep consciousness growing, stay awake, and not yearn for days gone by.

What do you need now and what questions are you asking yourself?