When asked about mentor coaching in a group you might hear; “Coach in front of my peers?  Are you kidding?  The thought of coaching in front of my mentor in a private one on one session is already enough to get my heart pumping.  The thought of coaching a client with peers listening in, is enough to make me break into a sweat!”

Palpitations abound when we consider coaching in front of others and yet, if you ask mentor group participants to share their experiences, you will find that in most cases all the sweating was unnecessary (but a very good detox!)

What really happens in group mentor coaching, is that a strong structure of support and understanding is created.  And within that structure there is a level of learning that may not always be possible in one-on-one mentoring.  In a group you,

  1. Have the opportunity to learn and listen to a variety of coaching styles.
  2. Gain understanding from the way your mentor gives feedback to the members of the group
  3. Feel encouraged by the other members of the group through their acknowledgements
  4. Get excited about coaching itself – reconnecting to what brought you to coaching in the first place

If the foundation is set well by the mentor coach leading the group, you will experience a real shift in your coaching and hear the same as you listen to your co-participants.  You should also be made to feel comfortable and safe in the group and with your peers.

So if you are thinking about getting some mentoring and considering a group format, you may want to try it out.  There could be a bit of sweat involved but the results will be worth it.