Samantha Sinclair, PCC

Samantha Sinclair, MA, is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, ICF Registered Mentor Coach, and coach training instructor with over 15 years of experience in the field. In her private practice, she specializes in coaching edge walkers, cultural creatives, and luminaries to enact positive social change through empowering creativity. Samantha’s coaching style is warm, direct, curious, and evocative. She describes her sessions as a place to dream, explore, and create with wild abandon. Her clients have produced festivals, albums, written books, and launched entrepreneurial ventures while balancing meaningful lives.  

Part of Samantha’s practice is devoted to coaching newly certified life coaches advance to mastery and fill their practice with desirable clientele. She believes the coaching revolution will be one of the key drivers of positive cultural transformation, so she continues to train, certify, and mentor the next generation of masterful coaches through a global ICF accredited coach training school. 

Samantha also hosts a quarterly salon where quirky, positive, interesting people gather to have a think, build community, and collaborate.

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