Eva Gysling, PCC

Eva, founder of Blue Agile, works with mid-size companies’ executives to help them build a strong culture to be able to manage changes and to help them grow as leaders and grow their businesses. She started as an Agile Coach, working with companies that wanted to drive their Agile transformation. She quickly realized that the transformation cannot be successful if top management does not support the transformation 100%.

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So, she changed her focus and now coaches and advises senior leaders and C-level executives. Therefore, she has continued her education and earned her Certificate in Executive Coaching. Her vision is to support leaders on their way to create the environment/culture for successful and sustainable change. She partners with them to find what practices and habits help them most moving forward towards their goals and solving their issues. To be able to support this she loves learning and experimenting with new insights. It is also very important to her to collaborate with and support other coaches. Therefore, she joined the Mentor Coach program in 2022 and got certified.

Some interesting facts about Eva: she’s a 3-time Olympian in swimming, she likes to travel to new countries that are still unknown to her, and spending time with family and friends is very important to her.

Connect with Eva via email eva.gysling@blueagile.ch or on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/eva-gysling-oly-33929524/.