Ridhima Dosani, PCC

Ridhima is the founder of ‘The Executive Coaching Bootcamp’ and in partnership with Center for Executive Coaching.

Building on her extensive career in executive coaching, Ridhima launched ‘The Executive Coaching Bootcamp’ which is helping new and experienced coaches find confidence and develop their unique coaching style. Her practical and straightforward approach to coaching has amassed outstanding reviews from coaches all over Europe who have taken part in her bootcamps and workshops.

Her passion for sharing her skills and knowledge, and showing others how to leverage their previous experience to launch a successful coaching career continues to create remarkable success stories from her students, who have managed to increase their rates, elevate their skill set and reframe their approach to coaching. As a result, they have landed top senior leaders as their clients.

Ridhima is an Executive Coach Master Trainer and ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Having trained the coaches of organisations such as SWIFT, BP and IBM, as well coaching their leaders, Ridhima is an experienced executive/leadership coach and coach trainer. She also has a background in leading learning and development programmes for FTSE 100 organisations and coaching their internal professional coaches as part of their large scale agile transformations.