When Renewing Your Credential becomes something to check off your list, it may be time to go back to basics

As credentialed coaches, every 3 years we experience the same challenge–how to get those CCEUs and/or Mentoring that we need to renew our ICF Credentials. Counting our hours as we go and hoping that we can cobble together what we need to continue working as a credentialed coach.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of missing the forest for the trees when you are adding up 1.25 + 1.75 + 1.5 hours, and easy to get pulled into the minutiae of the process.

But what’s it all about in the big picture? How can we utilize the renewal requirements to give our coaching ability a boost and get back to the basics of why we choose to coach? In requiring 40 hours of coach training + mentoring for ACC Coaches, the ICF has really given all of us an opportunity to slow down and re-connect with the fundamentals of coaching at a deeper level.

It is an invitation, if we choose to accept it. So how do we accept it?

  1. Take a good look at where you are most joyful when you are coaching. Is there a theme that you notice there? Perhaps a certain kind of client or form of coaching (life, corporate, executive) brings you that kind of joy.
  2. Rather than wait until the last minute to earn your CCEUs or complete your mentoring, give yourself the luxury of time and earn those requirements throughout the three years between each renewal.
  3. Take the time to research programs and identify topics that speak to you personally. If you land on something and you feel that spark of “ooh that sounds fun” or “that might be interesting” it might be something to pursue.
  4. Join up with some colleagues to take a course together or earn those resource development CCEUs in a self study group. Learning can be more fun with friends and sometimes we learn more in a community than on our own.
  5. Immerse yourself in the ICF Core Competencies at a deeper level. Get in touch with what it truly means to exude coaching presence or practice active listening at a level that expands your ability as a coach.
  6. No matter what your coaching level is, the value of mentoring is measurable. You can build on your abilities and grow your coaching capabilities by leaps and bounds through mentoring.

For a deep dive into the core competencies in a relaxed and collaborative learning environment, we invite you to click here and learn more about Deeper Conversations Coaching.

And, if you are interested in mentoring, we have 2 groups starting up — one in August and one in September. We also offer 1:1 mentoring. Please click here to learn more about mentoring.