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Listen to a mentor coaching demo with Sheri and Jamee recorded for the ICF Colorado chapter.

Please note:  If you are a coach holding an ACC credential, you will be able to mentor other ACC credential holders after you have renewed your credential 1 time –  as per ICF rule effective July 31, 2018.

At the end of the 12 week course, you will earn a CMC (Certified Mentor Coach) designation. In addition you will earn 24 ICF CCEUs (15 in the Core Competencies and 9 in Resource Development.)

There is another option for the 24 ICF CCEUs:
If you prefer, you can choose to use 7 of the hours to fulfill part of your total Mentor coaching requirement (if you are renewing your ACC Credential.)  If you choose this option, you will split the hours as follows: 8 hours of Core Competencies, + 7 hours of Mentor coaching, + 9 hours in Resource Development.

Mentor Coach Certification Program Testimonials

“Don’t hesitate to take this course! Sheri and Jamee do a spectacular job of creating structure as well as explorative time with the class. Each class built on the next and I sensed my skills broaden each week. Their feedback is thoughtful, encouraging, and constructive. They’re master facilitators in creating a safe learning space as well as working with different styles. They’re technically savvy as well which is handy when working with global participants, and they always ended the class on time. Thank you Sheri and Jamee for everything!

—Krista Irmischer, Leadership Coach, MCC

“Take this course now. It’s a wonderful, safe environment for stretching and growing as a mentor and also as a coach.”

—Helen Samson Mullen, PhD, PCC

If you want to take your own coaching skills and abilities to the next level, while at the same time training to be a stellar mentor mentor coach, this is the course for you.
—Wendy Jones, PCC, Executive & Career Coach
Kim Miles photo”Being in class with skilled coaches helped stretch and accelerte my learning. I have learned a solid mentor coaching approach that will serve my future mentees very well. The structure of the class also supported learning from Sheri and Jamee from a coach, mentor coach and colleague approach. The course was incredible!!”

— Kim L Miles, PCC, Executive Coach

“This course offers a fast and quality route to more competence and confidence as a mentor coach. The 2-hour sessions flew by and each week came with more nuggets and insights. Thanks for providing such a safe, rich and rewarding learning experience Sheri and Jamee. Highly recommended.”

—Allard de Jong, PCC

Andre Gunawan photo“”In this training, we are not only taught about the methodology, but also put it into practice and get feedback on how we can do better mentoring. We can also see how other colleagues provide assistance and learn from it. Much can be learned from this training session.”

—Andre Gunawan, PCC, BCC

Heli Bergstrom photo“I have learned much about mentoring and more about coaching, learned different coaching and mentoring styles and how cultures may affect the styles. I have now a dozen friends more than before the course..”

—Heli Bergstrom, Certified Executive Coach, PCC

Pam Ramirez photo“I am excited to add mentor coaching to my skill set. As a result of this training and certification, I feel more confident to mentor coach at both the ACC and PCC levels.”

—Pam Ramirez, MA, PCC, CMC

You will learn, grow, be humbled and participate in a very enriching experience with fabulous coaches and Jamie and Sheri as true masters.
—Julie Cusmariu, ACC. Certified Life Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Podcast Host & Creator
“If you are looking to expand and/or deepen your understanding and application of mentoring, this 12-week course will not be a waste of time or money.”
—Debra Ruick, Operations Executive, ACC, CMC
Erica Mohr photo“This is a phenomenal course to reconnect with the coaching competencies, practice in a safe space, and use the process of coaching (rather than teaching) to grow your own competencies as a coach.”

—Erica Mohr, Senior Executive Coach

Donna Triemstra photo“I have been able to dive into mentoring with complete confidence. I have already provided mentoring to three colleagues since completing the course, and I felt I knew exactly how to go about it. This course allowed me enough practical application and observation to feel completely at ease with implementing the training immediately. I am so grateful to Sheri and Jamee for developing this program and for their very warm, approachable style. Love these ladies!”

— Jennifer Vogel, MS, MCC Leadership Development Coach & Mentor

Donna Triemstra photo“If you’re thinking of being a mentor, or even if you think you already are, this course is the one; you’ll have the framework, build the confidence, know what to do and when; at the end you’ll feel like a real mentor: confident, always learning and supporting your mentee effectively.”

Another huge positive is that the way they run the course fosters connection among the participants and created a space in which it felt very safe.
—Pedro Pinto – MBA, PCC, ECPC, CEC

“Watching others coach, watching others mentoring, and seeing the expert mentoring of Sheri and Jamee has given me a real insight into how to mentor coaches well.”

—Sarah Smyth PCC – Executive Coach, Mentor Coach, Coach Supervisor

I thought long and hard about gifting myself with this class for 2016. I knew right away that what I was learning would indeed enhance every aspect of my coaching, training, and mentoring work.
—Anne Kelly, PCC, CMC
“The practical application of the skills and how you modeled them for us was great!”

—Dave Nieman, Executive and Leadership Coach

“You will be amazed at your growth and development and the growth and development of your classmates. You will soon realize your journey as a mentor coach has only just begun.”
—Julie Casella, SHRM-SCP, PCC, CCC, CEC
“I learned what it means to truly mentor another coach. I had an idea before taking the course, but now I get it. This new perspective I’ve gained on the art of coaching is exciting and valuable. I expect to reap the benefits from this investment for years to come.”
—Michael Neuendorff, PCC
Ghaya photo“The Mentor Coach Certification program allowed me the opportunity to observe and learn from amazing coaches with well rounded and rich experiences. The program also helped me look at my own coaching with a gentler eye of looking at the strengths and positives of the session as well as the areas for growth and development.”

— Ghaya Al Barwani, PCC, Executive Coach, Life & Career Transition Coach

Kim Miles photo“Do it! Sheri and Jamee have so much wisdom and experience. The space they hold deeply honours the participants and what they each bring to the table. It is highly experiential which really helped increase my confidence and learning.”

— Cate Baio, PCC, CMC

“This is a course that will help you focus on the skills of mentoring with an orientation toward positive feedback and a curious and conversational approach to exploring areas for growth. This is a focus on your mentoring first, and your knowledge of and facility with ICFCore Competencies will come along as you practice in and beyond the course.”

—Natalya Pestalozzi, PCC, MAPP
Leadership Coach, Coach Supervisor, & Mentor Coach

“CoachCachet’s Mentor Coaching Certification Course exceeded my expectations on multiple levels. Providing live practice opportunities for coaching and mentor coaching made the experience very interactive and engaging, and Jamee and Sheri created a safe and supportive container in which to develop and hone our coaching and mentoring skills with a diverse and highly skilled group of coaches. In addition, the mentoring and feedback from Jamee and Sheri and the other participants affirmed my strengths as a coach and mentor coach and highlighted some specific areas for my development, which will help me be more effective in both roles moving forward. I am grateful for new awareness gained and the related shifts in my practice, and for the positive role modeling provided by Sheri and Jamee, who delivered on all of their promises with a well-designed, experiential, and engaging learning opportunity”

—Tina Geithner, Ph.D., Certified Presence-Based® Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, ICF-ACC and Registered Mentor Coach

Donna Triemstra photo“Sign up now! From hearing Jamee and Sheri lead other calls, I came in with pretty high expectations. They were all exceeded! Their style is so inviting, and their strengths complement each other. Each brings warmth and depth, along with wisdom, insight, clarity, and encouragement. I also found it helpful that the materials were organized and clear, as were the class agreements and expectations.

Another huge positive is that the way they run the course fosters connection among the participants and created a space in which it felt very safe.”
—Donna Triemstra, ACC

Listen to Sheri Boone and Jamee Tenzer introduce themselves and share their new Mentor Coach Certification training with you.

In the Mentor Coach Certification training you will learn to mentor other coaches within the ICF Core Competencies, while strengthening your own coaching expertise.

Mentor Coach Certification Course Information:
September 2024 Option


Apply for the Class beginning in September 2024 – Information below.

Price: $2,750 (Payment plans available)
Early Bird Special: Pay in full by Thursday, August 29, 2024 – $2,600
Early Bird Supersaver: Pay in full by Thursday, August 15, 2024 – $2,600 and as a bonus, receive EVERY volume of Listen to Real Coaching featuring live coaching sessions conducted by experienced coaches.

Hours: 24

Delivery: One 2-hour class per week for 12 weeks via Zoom (online) format.
Class Dates: Thursdays from noon to 2pm U.S. Eastern time (9am to 11am U.S. Pacific time) beginning Thursday, September 12 and completing December 5, 2024 (skipping Thanksgiving, November 28).

Cancellation Policy: Cancel before the second class and receive a full refund less a $250 admin fee.

The Mentor Coach Certification Training is for you if you are an ICF Credentialed Coach with at least 300 hours of coaching experience who would like to deepen your coaching skills, as well as add mentoring to your coaching services.

Application: We invite you to join us. Please click here to complete your application.

Mentor Coach Certification guarantee seal imageWe want to make it very simple to say yes. We are confident that you will love our Mentor Coach Certification course, but if for any reason you are dissatisfied, we will happily refund your money less a $250 admin fee,  if you cancel before the second class.

Sheri Boone, MCC and Jamee Tenzer, MCC
Registered ICF Mentor Coaches

P.S. – If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and you will receive a prompt response.

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