Welcome to Listen To Real Coaching Volume 6

We hope you enjoy these wonderful recordings of coaching sessions delivered in front of a live audience.

Each coach featured here brings his or her own experience and set of skills to the coaching process. The result is both instructive and inspiring. Enjoy!

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Sheri Boone, MCC and Jamee Tenzer, PCC
Mentor Coach/Trainers

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Click here for the ICF Core Competencies document.These eight core coaching competencies were developed to support greater understanding about the skills and approaches used within today’s coaching profession as defined by the International Coaching Federation.

As you listen to the coaching sessions included in Listen to Real Coaching, Volume 6, see if you can hear the competencies. What do you notice about the way each coach approaches and demonstrates the competencies? And since coaching provides an endless opportunity for learning, what can you learn by listening?

Dorothy Siminovitch, MCC
Toronto, Canada & Istanbul, Turkey

Dorothy is an ICF Master Certified Coach, Leadership, Team & Organizational Coach, Speaker, Mentor Coach and Author.
Specialties: Assisting peak performance, mobilization towards innovation, enhancing one’s signature presence, teaching competencies for group leadership, and supporting practices that enhance personal mastery. Dorothy promotes optimism as the essential, professional mood for success. She uses Gestalt theory and awareness process tools to assist personal, professional development at the individual(s), group(s) and organizational level. Her achievements include the publishing of “ A Gestalt Coaching Primer: A Path Toward awareness IQ.

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Carol Keith, MCC
West Chester, PA USA

Carol is a master certified coach and mentor specializing in transforming lives through the discovery of your unique personality bent, your unique communication style, and the unique path that you will take. Carol has 20 years of experience coaching, mentoring and mediating. Carol is a coach for Kaplan, Inc.; certified as an Elemental Coach and trainer through the Laurie Beth Jones organization, a certified Trainer for 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work™and the TILT365 organization, and a certified facilitator for Prepare/Enrich™.

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Walt Hastings, MCC
Golden, CO USA

Walt attended Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana, graduating with a BA in physical education and a minor in music in 1965. He also holds an MDiv degree from Anderson School of Theology. In 2000, he received a DMin degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Walt holds the MCC credential (Master Certified Coach) from the International Coaching Federation. He is the Director of Credentialing for two coaching organizations – the Colorado ICF Chapter and CCNI (Christian Coaches Network Int.

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Poyee Dorian, MCC
Columbus, OH USA

PoYee is a multicultural executive coach and facilitator with over 20 years of professional experience and a specific focus on bringing purposeful leadership to individuals and organizations. She has an extensive background in leadership and change management with Fortune 10 companies including Procter & Gamble and General Electric. PoYee specializes in coaching supervision, mentor coaching, and leadership coaching with senior and executive teams. PoYee is fully tri-lingual. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

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Tamarra Robinson, PCC
Pennington, NJ USA

Tamarra is CEO and Founder of TCR Coaching & Consulting and a Certified Personal and Executive Leadership Development Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and former Blog Talk Radio Host. Her mission is to create a massive movement of professionals, especially diverse individuals, who are inspired and empowered to re-discover their voice, to have the audacity to make courageous choices, and to boldly take charge of their lives and careers without apology, guilt, or shame.

Sarah Graves, PCC
Portland, OR USA

Sarah has coached teams from opening restaurants to launching new products to expanding and implementing market teams and programs. Her experience in recruitment, training, preparation, strategy, has demonstrated consistently excellent results. Sarah holds an AA in Psychology from Trinity Western University and a BS in Political Science from Portland State University. Sarah is an ICF Credentialed Coach with over 500 hours and served as President of the ICF Oregon State Chapter.

Janice Fitzgerald, PCC
Rochester, NY USA

Janice coaches highly motivated ministry leaders and leaders of not-for-profit organizations who feel challenged beyond their current internal and external resources as they strive to provide effective leadership. She also coaches highly motivated leadership teams who want to identify workable options that have meaning for them so that they can take their next steps with energy and passion. She received professional coach training from Auburn Theological Seminary Coach Training Program and Coach Approach Ministries.

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Joanne Fourtanier, PCC
Toulouse, France

Jo is an executive coach, facilitator, & supervisor with 20 years experience in helping individuals, teams, and business leaders remain focused & integral whilst adapting, adjusting, and growing. She has over 25 years of business experience leading companies & teams, and as a consultant & trainer in areas such as authentic leadership, team management & collective intelligence, action learning, and co-development cultures. In addition, Jo has recently qualified as an ICF Mentor Coach.

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