Welcome to Listen To Real Coaching Volume 8

We hope you enjoy these wonderful recordings of coaching sessions delivered in front of a live audience.

Each coach featured here brings his or her own experience and set of skills to the coaching process. The result is both instructive and inspiring. Enjoy!

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Sheri Boone, MCC and Jamee Tenzer, MCC
Mentor Coach/Trainers

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Click here for the ICF Core Competencies document.These eight core coaching competencies were developed to support greater understanding about the skills and approaches used within today’s coaching profession as defined by the International Coaching Federation.

As you listen to the coaching sessions included in Listen to Real Coaching, Volume 8, see if you can hear the competencies. What do you notice about the way each coach approaches and demonstrates the competencies? And since coaching provides an endless opportunity for learning, what can you learn by listening?

Michael Neuendorff, PCC

Michael Neuendorff, PCC is an executive and leadership coach who specializes in the areas of employee engagement, succeeding in a new role, and leading with emotional intelligence. He also does a good amount of communications coaching. Michael is also a faculty member of the Center for Executive Coaching. Michael is certified in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) and uses various assessments in his work with leaders and teams. He is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been coaching since 2009.

Samantha Sinclair, PCC

Samantha Sinclair, MA, is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, ICF Registered Mentor Coach, and coach training instructor with over 15 years of experience in the field. In her private practice, she specializes in coaching edge walkers, cultural creatives, and luminaries to enact positive social change through empowering creativity. Samantha’s coaching style is warm, direct, curious, and evocative. She describes her sessions as a place to dream, explore, and create with wild abandon. Her clients have produced festivals, albums, written books, and launched entrepreneurial ventures while balancing meaningful lives.

Bonnie Stith, PCC

Bonnie Stith retired from the Central Intelligence Agency as the Director of the Center for Cyber Intelligence. She is an executive and leadership coach who helps clients define, understand, and create goals to achieve desired success both professionally and organizationally. Foundationally she believes that all coaching resolves to “life,” and works with her clients to integrate the learning they gain through coaching into their lives outside of work. She is an ICF Registered Mentor Coach and teaches and mentors in an on-line coaching program. She speaks publicly on cyber security, leadership, and employee engagement. Bonnie is a past President of the ICF Ohio Valley Chapter.

Juliann Wiese, PCC

Before starting her own coaching & consulting business, Juliann spent over 25 years in a variety of capacities including leading organization development, talent management, leadership and executive development programs for several global companies. She worked across a wide variety of industries and sectors including health care, hospitality, manufacturing, service industries, and call center environments. Juliann has provided coaching, training, facilitation and consulting services around the world in over a dozen countries.

Jean-François Cousins, MCC

Jean-François became a global executive coach in 2006, in the wake of a management career around the world with a Fortune-500 company. By November ’22, he had clocked in 15,000 coaching-hours, served over 1,500 executives and dozens of executive teams, travelling to 35 countries / 5 continents to work with them. Jean-Francois served on the Global Board of the International Coaching Federation from 2017 to 2020 and was elected its chairman for 2019. He authored the book Game Changers at the Circus—How Leaders Can Unleash Greatness in Their Organizations, co-authored several other books and regularly writes columns for Forbes.

Daiana Stoicescu, MCC

Daiana Stoicescu is an executive coach for leaders, with a Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential by the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Master Certified Coach Trainer (MCCT), Coach Supervisor and a Registered ICF Mentor Coach. She was also the President of the ICF Romania Chapter until 2019. As a Master Certified Coach (MCC), she works with leaders-from startup entrepreneurs to C-level executives- who have bold visions and who play for high stakes. As a Master Certified Coach Trainer (MCCT) with the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) she is Certified to train other executives and managers to become Certified Executive Coaches. 

John Koch, PCC

John’s passion is to discover new perspectives that inspire us to be ourselves for greater value. To this end, he partners with people and organizations in reflective dialogues. His current work in coaching, coaching supervision, systemic team coaching and mentor coaching evolved from different expressions of finding his own identity and purpose. Theological studies opened a deeper understanding in the areas of humanity and spirituality while connecting and journeying with people with authenticity and empathy have been shaped from working in a counselling centre. This is rounded off with his love for making the connections in complex systems, developed in his various leadership roles in global business and engineering.

Heli Bergström, PCC

Heli Bergström (Dr. Sc. Tech., MBA, M.Ed.) is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, ICF Registered Mentor Coach, Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach, Certified Business Coach and holds EMCC Individual Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA). She has over 12 years’ experience as instructor and teacher; her interest in coaching woke up 6 years ago. At the moment she works as senior lecturer of leadership and coaching studies at University of Applied Sciences. In addition, she has a private practice specializing in executive and leadership coaching, coaching of highly specialized knowledge experts, facilitation of transformations, and mentoring ACC and PCC level coaches.