Lesley Hayman, PCC

Although Lesley  only completed her formal training as a coach five years ago, so much of her adult life led up to this moment. In her 20s she studied Buddhist meditation in a monastery in Nepal. This experience honed her self-awareness and presence which she has found invaluable as a coach. In her 30s she trained as a co-coach and subsequently integrated this approach into her management style.  She lived overseas for nearly 20 years in 8 countries with very diverse cultures and languages. This has helped her to connect with people from very different backgrounds and recognise the common humanity we all share.

Lesley’s coaching style is client centred, highly supportive and solutions focussed. She draws on a number of schools of coaching. She specialises in intercultural coaching, an area in which she has published research and is a conference speaker. She is passionate about integrating constellations coaching to create a more holistic and systemic approach for clients to understand themselves and the complexities of their workplace.

Lesley works as an executive coach based in central London drawing on 30 years of successful senior managerial experience leading large teams, managing change, and developing strategy. She has worked internationally for the government, UK  HE sector and a FTSE 100 company. She has an MBA from London Business School,  a Professional Certificate in Coaching (PCIC), distinction level,  from Henley Business School, UK, and hold a Professional Coach Credential (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  She is  a qualified trainer, teacher, mentor coach and mindfulness practitioner.