Krista Irmischer, MCC

A fervent “people” person, Krista is invested in conversations that matter, passionate about service, and excels at helping people live at the intersection of their humanness and leadership. As a leadership coach, she brings over 15 years of experience supporting leaders in business.

Prior to founding KI Insights, Krista led the human resource function on an executive management team. In her previous social work career she worked with world class clinicians in serving adolescents. That’s when she first learned about the life-changing power of a thoughtful open-ended question and the skill of careful listening.

Both roles were in line with Krista’s developing mission: to support people in increasing their self- awareness, thus increasing their chances to flourish.

Today, she continues her mission by supporting clients one-on-one to hone leadership skills as well as assisting them in defining and attaining self-designed goals to help lead them toward more fulfilled, meaningful, and successful lives.

She does this while living her ideal location-flexible life mostly in the United States and Europe.