Iris Hainstock, PCC

Founder & Coach at Boundless Horizons Coaching. An International Life Coach with special interests in NeuroCoaching and Heart-based Transformational Coaching. I help Mid-career Professionals who want to find their purpose and mission​ in life: knowing they have so much more they want to do and “BE”!

​ I help them expand their self awareness, improve communication and emotional management skills through NeuroCoaching​; integrate work and life for a healthier balance.

I hold several professional coaching certificates and a Professional Coach Credential (PCC) from the International Coach Federation. 2011, I started my private coaching practice, Boundless Horizons Coaching. 17 years previous experience coaching employees and peers, for a national Canadian corporation to transition teams through major changes, for performance, strengths focus, business transformation, career development, team building, leadership, process improvement, customer service, customer experience, and customer retention.

Iris Hainstock, CPC, PCC
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