As we begin to incorporate the new ICF Core Competencies into our coaching, mentoring and training, we are spending some time looking more deeply at each competency and how the changes affect our work.

Today we are drawn to look at Competency 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset.  This is a brand new competency that evokes curiosity, awareness and self-reflection. What stands out for us about this from an industry standpoint; the ICF is highlighting the necessity for coaches to be continual learners, and engaged in self development and self reflection. This is an acknowledgment of what coaches have already been doing; engaging in their own self development. In addition, this competency underscores the importance of recognizing the client’s autonomy and respecting the differences of culture and context for the client. There is so much richness in this new competency and much to explore.

All of us are experiencing a new normal right now.  We may be spending more or less time on our daily activities.  Our focus may be drawn to new aspects of life and our community.  We have all had to be flexible and make adjustments.  All of this begs the question; where is there a connection to Embodying a Coaching Mindset?  Is there an opportunity here?

With most of us social distancing and participating in fewer activities, we may have a bit more time on our hands.  And it would be easy to say that we should be spending that time proactively pursuing Embodying a Coaching Mindset through more robust meditation, coaching supervision, spiritual practice, exercise, etc.

But maybe what we need is to simply do nothing “productive” with that extra time.  For some of us, the extra time is coming with extra stress due to many factors.  Perhaps the best way to embody a coaching mindset is to simply check in and ask ourselves what we need in the moment.

And if the answer comes back with a resounding “take a nap!” “binge your favorite show!”  or “Hot Fudge Sundae time!” that may be be exactly what we need to regenerate and truly show up for our clients. 

So we are not suggesting that checking out and numbing out is the right path – instead, it’s about deep self-reflection and awareness, and then, making a conscious choice.

What will serve you in the moment?

Maybe it’s a more commonly thought of activity such as meditation or honing ones’ skills. But if something else is calling you, you might consider that this is the true coaching mindset and to honor this calling.

The practice of checking in, becoming aware, and then making a conscious choice is exemplified by self reflection and builds our capacity to be present in our work with others.

What is calling to you today?