Elizabeth Robinson, PCC

Elizabeth Robinson is a seasoned leadership coach and consultant who is known for inspiring growth and transformation in individuals and organizations across diverse cultures. With 30 years of experience, she has designed and led dynamic leadership programs for international organizations that have positively impacted more than 5,000 leaders in 25 countries. She has coached or mentored over 500 leaders, including ambassadors, executives, managers, supervisors, civil society leaders, and emerging leaders.

Elizabeth is the creator of TRUE AUTHORITY, an emerging leadership approach that focuses on expanding the inner skills needed to navigate complexity and source wisdom from within oneself in order to move systems toward desired futures. Elizabeth defines true authority as an inner state of self-awareness and presence that transcends the constraints of habits, conditioning, anxiety, and automatic reactions. True authority offers deep knowing and an inner stability. When we are in true authority, we know what we stand for, and our next steps are clear. True authority is also the basis for our evolution as we change our inner operating system and lead from our highest and best. Everyone experiences moments or bursts of true authority—it is natural to our humanness. Empowering more access to one’s true authority supports leaders in sourcing and applying wisdom to create new responses to complex challenges.

With a background in organizational development, Elizabeth has held various roles in the international development arena, including program director and consultant. Her work has spanned the globe, and she has designed and implemented leadership programs in Central America, East Timor, Afghanistan, Africa, the Middle East, and Kosovo. She has lent her expertise to institutions such as Georgetown University, USAID, the United Nations Secretariat, FINCA International, and the U.S. State Department. Elizabeth’s understanding of the challenges leaders face in large systems enables her to guide them in self-discovery, envisioning possibilities, and taking new action. She is a member of the team of external coaches at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) and regularly facilitates several FSI courses.
Elizabeth has a Master of Science in Organizational Development from American University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland. She is a PCC ICF-certified coach, and a Newfield-certified Ontological Coach (NCOC), and recently became a certified mentor coach. In addition, Elizabeth holds certifications in CCL Benchmarks 360, Hogan Assessment, DISC, HeartMath Personal Resilience, and Personal Leadership.

Contact: elizabeth@yourtrueauthority.com