elena-espinal1Dr. Elena Espinal, Ph.D., MCC

Elena is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the ICF, and has twenty nine years of experience in leadership development, training and coaching, future design, strategic planning, and team building services.

She was born in Argentina; moved to Mexico in 1998, leaving behind the foundation of the first School of Coaching acknowledged by the Secretary of Education and a Company: Team work In Mexico founded Team Power, dedicated to preparing high performance teams. She has coached an important number of Executives of 500 Fortune Companies. She has worked with people from different cultures (Indigenous, and people of different social and cultural backgrounds.) Elena has worked in more than 30 countries with executives and organizations; especially Europe, Kenya and Tanzania, Israel, India, and China. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Governments and NGOs, with great results for the clients. For the last 6 years, she has been a committed worker for establishing Diversity and Inclusion in Companies and Governments and has formed the first group of 14 blind coaches, creating today an organization for generating work for them, called: Coaching con Visión (Coaching with Vision). She is closing the second group in Argentina, and beginning the third group in Mexico.

As an educator she founded and manages a Mastery in Organizational Human Development with Coaching training in the University of London (Mexico).

Dr. Elena Espinal’s background is based in Biology and Medicine, through a Doctorate in Dentistry (PhD:)), a Master in Pathology, and she has been a Researcher at the National Commission of Atomic Energy, a researcher at the CONICET and worked in England, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. She is Lic. in Psychology and holds a Master in Health and Human Services, with deep knowledge in Ontological Coaching, Philosophy, Systemic Coaching, Positive Psychology and teams performance. She also has a Mastery in Human and Organizational Development of the Universidad de Londres (Mexico).

Dr. Espinal is acknowledged as an outstanding lecturer. She presented a conference at TED in México in 2012, and was encharged of coaching all the conferencists of TEDx DF for 2 years. She has presented her work on almost all the continents and also presented in various ICF Meetings.

She has been honored by the Argentine Association of Coaching (AAPC) as a Master Coach and as an Honorific Member with Julio Olalla, Fernando Flores and Jim Selman.

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