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Congratulations on your bonus – 3 wonderful coaching sessions by masterful coaches:

  • Janet Harvey, MCC
  • Peter Reding, MCC
  • Alan Seale, PCC

You can listen to them on this page or download them to your computer or phone.

janet-harvey1Janet M. Harvey, MCC
Edmonds, WA USA

Janet is a successful professional with experience as both a corporate and entrepreneurial business executive. As a leader in the field since 1996, Janet was an early adopter for creating a coach-centered workplace. Over three decades, she has worked with global organizations and teams of leaders within to establish a generative, resilient and high performance culture through a coaching approach to leading and managing success.

Born and raised in mid-Western US, Harvey may be low key about her leadership successes, but her clients, professional colleagues and audiences are not. People speak of her as bold, curious, provocative, challenging, yet respectful and compassionate in her leadership roles. Her philosophy of personal leadership permeates every aspect of her work today as a leader, coach, trainer, speaker and author.

Janet also brings her executive and entrepreneurial experience to the role of President for inviteCHANGE, dedicated to professional coaching solutions and organizational leader development as well as the role of ICF Foundation Board of Trustees Chair and previously six years as a member of the ICF Global Board of Directors, including Global President in 2012.

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Peter J. Reding, MBA, MCC
Orlando, FL USA

Peter is a visionary coach, authentic leader and pioneer in the fields of professional coaching, learning, and authentic transformation. As a Master Certified Coach, Peter coaches world-changing leaders and visionaries.

Peter’s clients thrive in the sacred space he creates for them to reconnect to their most brilliant and resourceful nature. His clients quickly align and anchor their day-to-day issues, plans, decisions and actions to what is deeply meaningful within themselves. The results are immediate, powerful and empowering.

A Coaching Profession Pioneer, Peter has been teaching holistic coaching since 1996 – including at the graduate school of Johns Hopkins University. He is regarded as one of the founding contributors to the modern field of professional coaching.

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Alan Seale, PCC, CTPC
Boston, MA USA

Alan Seale is an award-winning author of five books, inspirational speaker, leadership and transformation coach, and founder and director of the Center for Transformational Presence. He is the creator of Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training, which now has graduates from over 20 countries. Truly a global coach, he serves clients from five continents and his books are currently published in six languages.

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