As wonderful as the holidays are, sometimes it feels like there is too much to do.

As much as you want to be with family and friends, it also might feel like too many obligations.

And as much as you want to relax and get rest, opportunities for travel and socializing can make it difficult to start the New Year feeling rejuvenated.

What if you shifted your perspective and saw January as the month to ease into the New Year?  What would need to change for you to see January as the bridge from the holidays to 2020?

We’ve noticed that while we fully embraced our time off and felt that we experienced lots of fun, festivities and flexibility, we are now stepping back in to “normal” life and feeling like we would like a transition rather than asking ourselves to go from 0 to 60.

Just because the ball drops on New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean you have to be ready with a plan to double your income, lose 5 pounds, and stand up to your boss.  Maybe take some time to let your ideas evolve.   Maybe take some time for introspection to see what perspectives you might choose to shift?

What if you had a couple more weeks to give yourself?  What would change?  And when we ask you that, what do you notice you are saying to yourself?

Perhaps you would gain a deeper understanding of what’s important to you about your goals or that some of your goals aren’t as important as you thought.  Where can that extra energy go now?

Much like a coaching conversation, this transition into the New Year can be a time of awareness, deep listening, powerful questions, and acknowledgement of yourself and where you are right now.

From that standpoint, looking out from the top of the bridge, what do you see and where do you choose to go?  And wherever you choose to go… let it be easy.

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