We’ve been noticing lately a feeling of disruption in the force that is affecting our clients, mentees and students – and frankly, ourselves. There seems to be something afoot that we all share as members of this community and of the world community. That shifting foundation requires us to be creative to maintain clarity and presence.

We’ve been asking ourselves and others, what in our thinking and perspectives could inform our work as we navigate these new challenges and potential opportunities? With this in mind, we have been exploring new tools and ways of responding to support ourselves and the incredible coaches we serve.

How do we focus on being our best selves right now? For the two of us, spending time with our families is one way we remind ourselves of the goodness and love that exists in our lives.

What brings that reminder to you in your life and how can you get more?

We have also found that we may need to set better boundaries. Taking the time to notice what our capacities are and honoring those limits not only serves us but ensures that we show up for the people we work with, 100%.

How do you check in with yourself to be sure you are truly able to be present with others?

How can we share our passion through contribution? Although it may be over-stated, it seems so true right now – that when we give of ourselves, we get back so much more. Whether it is volunteering or contributing money, or simply buying dinner for a homeless woman who is looking for a friendly face, giving = receiving so much more in return.

Where do you see yourself giving? Have you noticed how amazing it feels?

As a coach, you do incredibly important work. You listen, you reflect, you provide people space to process so that they can move forward with hope and excitement. So, it’s also important that you, like us, find ways to keep yourself healthy and on point, so you can bring your gift of clarity and presence.

We thank you for doing that important work and being a part of our community.

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