As we celebrate this season of Spring and renewal, and coming out of a global pandemic, we are taking a moment to reflect on coaches and how lucky we are to spend our days working with these professionals, whether as mentors, trainers or supervisors. Aren’t coaches great?

Take a moment to think about who is drawn to coaching. What kind of people are interested in supporting other human beings through reflection, listening and non-judgmental open-ended questioning? Aren’t coaches great?

Most coaches are also committed to self -development and ongoing growth and learning. What a joy to be in the presence of people who are open to their own growth, to questioning their mindsets, and providing opportunities for others to do the same. Aren’t coaches great?

To this question we say a whole-hearted, yes!

The value we receive from interacting with coaches is immense. When we are mentoring coaches or training coaches to be coach mentors, we are learning too. We uncover more nuances about what masterful coaching can be, and how we can add richness to our practices.

As we work with coaches all around the world, we notice the similarities, qualities and common characteristics of all of these magnificent coaches. At the same time we notice the unique qualities of each coach and the ways in which they practice their craft with elegance and commitment.

And so, as we celebrate coaches, we want to thank you for being a part of this community.

If you think coaches are great too, and would like to mentor other coaches, consider joining us in a small cohort in our next Mentor Coach Certification training beginning June 3. Learn more and fill out a short application here: Mentor Coach Certification program