7 Ways to Deepen Your Coach (2)If you are currently a mentor coach, you already know the value of honing your mentoring skills and including new tools in your mentoring tool box. As coach mentors and trainers, we have found that there are endless opportunities to broaden a mentor’s ability to support and impact his or her mentees.

Here are 7 to get you started:

  1. Find opportunities to listen to coaching and notice where the coaching core competencies show up. Practice what you might say to the coach in the “debrief” of the session, if you were his or her mentor.
  2. Notice if you need to deepen your understanding about one or more of the coaching core competencies and reach out to a colleague or your coach or mentor to have a discussion to gain more clarity.
  3. Find two colleagues and schedule a time for the three of you to practice mentoring in a round-robin style.
  4. Review the “personality traits” section of the ICF Mentor Coaching Duties and Competencies. What are some ways that you can further develop this area for yourself?
  5. Review the “competencies” section of the ICF Mentor Coaching Duties and Competencies. Four of the competencies have to do with different kinds of listening. As a mentor, what do you need to put into place to be able to effectively demonstrate these competencies?
  6. Develop a philosophy and/or mission statement for your mentoring. Who are you as a mentor and how do you distinguish yourself from other mentors?
  7. Seek training and development to expand your awareness as a mentor and as a coach.

Effective mentoring not only enhances the coaching of your mentee, but it also elevates the coaching conversation and profession.

If you are a coach mentor, thank you for your commitment to this process and to the profession of coaching.

Learn more about becoming a Certified Mentor Coach here. We would love to have you join us in September!