Remember how excited you were when you first discovered coaching? Like many coaches, you probably felt you had been “coaching” your entire life. So, when you found coaching as a profession, it felt like a perfect fit.

In your coach training, with your peers and colleagues, you most likely found like-minded people; those who, like you, felt lucky to be joining the coaching profession. Working and learning with colleagues, the exchange of ideas, along with the personal growth and development that we all experience as new coaches, lights a fire of excitement. Wouldn’t it be great to get back in touch with that fire?

As we come into the fall season, with renewed ‘back to school’ energy, here are some ways we have found to be helpful with re-igniting the passion!

1. Connection

Are you getting enough connection and interaction with colleagues? Do you attend local ICF chapter meetings or other events for coaches? You might also consider seeking out a coaching friend or colleague you can speak with regularly for peer-to-peer mentoring and masterminding.

2. New ideas

Who inspires you? Seek out some new thought leaders. Check out TED talks on topics that interest you. Have a look at the ICF Global site for events and opportunities. You might also look at some of the more robust local ICF chapters such as ICFLA, ICFNE, ICFSFBAC, and ICFMICHIGAN. These chapters host regular virtual events.

3. Professional development that interests you

How about a new class or book? Have you browsed Amazon using the word ‘coaching’ or ‘coach training’ to see what pops up? Also, the ICF Global site has a complete list of continuing education offerings on their Event Calendar that might pique your interest. And finally, you could get back in touch with your Coach training school to check out offerings they may have for alumni.

4. Changing it up

Notice your routine, and whether or not you’re in a rut. Can you choose a different location for your coaching sessions or a different process for preparing for coaching? Take a look at all the docs and literature you share with your clients. Is there something you want to do differently or to add?

5. Business development and growth

Are there some new sectors of clients or industries you want to coach? Is there something new you want to add to your menu of services, such as mentoring other coaches, or offering coaching supervision? It might be time to begin that project you would like to spearhead or explore that partnership you’ve been thinking about.

Summer’s not over yet, so you still have a chance to relax and reflect before the business of fall. Why not take some time now to re-ignite your love of coaching to set you up for a stellar season?

Thank you for being an important part of what keeps us excited about our wonderful profession!

All our best,

Sheri and Jamee

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