Summer offers an opportunity to refresh, renew and relax. It’s so important to take that time, personally and professionally, in order to stay fresh as a coach and also to maintain balance as a person.

Sometimes, coaches can get a little worn out or burned out because of the following reasons:

  1. Isolation–We are working on our own – possibly from a home office. And so we are self-generating most of our output.
  2. Self-Care–At times, we may give more than we really have in our reserves and neglect self-care.
  3. Boundaries–Because of the flexibility that coaching offers, sometimes we don’t set good enough boundaries about our time and can find ourselves returning emails at 11pm on a regular basis.

Let’s take the opportunity that summer provides to fill up our tanks and reset our expectations for ourselves.

5 Energizers:

  1. Record yourself coaching and listen back to it.
  2. If you’re not regularly receiving coaching, give yourself the gift of a few coaching sessions over the summer with your favorite coach.
  3. Attend the ICF Converge conference in Washington D.C., August 24th. We will be there and would love to meet you. If you would like to meet us during one of the conference breakfasts on either August 24th or August 25th, let us know and we will save you a seat at our table. We would love to see you there!
  4. Search for and listen to inspiring podcasts and Ted talks that will reignite your passion for your work as a coach.
  5. Listen to great coaches do what they do best. Come along for free to Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged.

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