big-changes-small-steps-graphicWhether you have been coaching for many years or have just started, there is always an opportunity to deepen your understanding of and facility with the ICF Core Competencies. One of the most rewarding aspects of coaching is that we always have the opportunity to grow and to become more skillful.

As we prepare for the Deeper Conversations program starting in September, we are reviewing the competencies and looking at new and inventive ways of helping our program participants to connect more fully with how the competencies show up in their coaching.

With this in mind, we wanted to share 5 easy steps with you and invite you to join the conversation in September to earn CCEUs and also engage in an in-depth conversation with your colleagues.

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Active Listening – Experiment with different tools for listening while coaching and see what seems to work best for you. Take notes during one session and in the next session, just close your eyes and listen without taking notes. Do you notice a deeper listening with either method? Are certain methods better for different clients?
  2. Powerful Questioning – Powerful questions can also challenge assumptions. Be careful that you only ask questions from a place of curiosity vs. driving your own agenda. For example; the question “How do you know that’s true?” could be powerful for the client, but only if asked by the Coach without any judgment or attachment to the client’s response.
  3. Creating Awareness – How do you create awareness in your own life? What can you learn from your own experience that would support you as a Coach?
  4. Establishing Trust and Intimacy – Notice your internal system for making sure that you are respecting your client’s perceptions and not bringing your own judgments into coaching. What is that process and how can you challenge yourself in this area?
  5. Planning and Goal Setting – What happens if your client has a goal, but then loses steam? Support your client in being flexible to take different steps as their goals change, knowing that as we grow and evolve, so do our goals.

Please join us and your coaching colleagues in a fun and inspiring conversation AND earn the CCEUs you need to renew your ICF Credential by December, 2016.